Polito Vega: The King of Radio Who Brought Salsa to the World

Polito Vega was more than just a radio personality; he was a cultural icon. For over five decades, his voice boomed across the airwaves, bringing the vibrant energy of salsa music and championing the Latino community in New York City. Here’s a look at the legacy of “El Rey de la Radio,” the King of Radio.

From Puerto Rico to the Big Apple

Born Hipolito Vega Torres in Ponce, Puerto Rico in 1938, Polito’s passion for music and entertainment blossomed early. In 1959, he embarked on a life-changing journey, migrating to New York City in search of new opportunities. Little did he know, he would become a pivotal figure in the city’s Latin music scene.

Taking Over the Airwaves

Polito’s radio career began in the 1960s, and his infectious enthusiasm and knowledge of music quickly propelled him to stardom. He found his home at La Mega 97.9, a Spanish-language radio station, where he spent over two decades as a program director and host. His signature shows, “Salsa Con Polito” on Saturdays and “Clásicos Sundays,” became weekend staples, bringing the best of salsa and Latin classics to millions of listeners.

Championing the Genre

Polito wasn’t just a disc jockey; he was a true advocate for salsa music. He used his platform to introduce new artists, promote established ones, and educate the public about the rich history and cultural significance of salsa. His dedication helped propel salsa music from local clubs to the international stage.

A Legacy Beyond Radio

Polito’s influence extended far beyond the radio booth. He was a community leader, using his voice to advocate for social justice and empower the Latino community in New York. His charisma and genuine connection with his audience transcended language and cultural barriers.

The End of an Era

Sadly, Polito Vega passed away in March 2023 at the age of 84. His death marked the end of an era in New York City radio. However, his legacy continues to inspire generations of broadcasters, musicians, and fans.


Polito Vega was a giant in the world of radio and music. His passion, dedication, and infectious love for salsa helped shape the cultural landscape of New York City and the world. While his voice may be gone from the airwaves, his legacy as “El Rey de la Radio” will forever resonate with those who were touched by his music and his message.


  • Q: What kind of music did Polito Vega play?

A: Polito was a champion of salsa music, but his shows also featured Latin classics across various genres.

  • Q: On which radio station did Polito Vega have his most famous shows?

A: La Mega 97.9 FM was Polito’s home base for over two decades, with shows like “Salsa Con Polito” and “Clásicos Sundays” becoming listener favorites.

  • Q: What was Polito Vega’s impact beyond music?

A: Polito leveraged his platform to advocate for social justice and empower the Latino community in New York City, solidifying his status as a community leader.

  • Q: Where can I learn more about Polito Vega and his legacy?

A: Searching online for articles, interviews, and even fan testimonials can offer a deeper look at Polito’s life and career. Additionally, some radio stations may have archived recordings of his shows available online.

  • Q: Is there a way to celebrate Polito Vega’s legacy?

A: Absolutely! You can support salsa music by attending concerts, exploring the genre’s rich history, or even learning to dance salsa yourself. You can also celebrate Polito’s advocacy by engaging in your own community and supporting causes he championed. Ultimately, keeping his passion and spirit alive is the best way to honor his legacy.

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