www wpolityce pl: A Website that Offers News and Opinions from a Conservative and Pro-Government Perspective

www wpolityce pl is a website that covers various topics, such as politics, economy, culture, society, and world affairs. However, its main focus is on Polish politics, especially the activities and policies of the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party. www wpolityce pl was founded in 2009 by the journalist and politician Tomasz Sakiewicz, who is also the editor-in-chief of the weekly magazine Gazeta Polska. www wpolityce pl is owned by the media company Fratria, which is affiliated with PiS.

The Content and Format of www wpolityce pl

www wpolityce pl offers different types of content, such as news articles, opinion pieces, interviews, videos, podcasts, live broadcasts, and blogs. It also has sections dedicated to specific topics, such as history, education, health, sports, entertainment, and religion. www wpolityce pl uses a simple and clear layout, with a red-white color scheme that reflects the Polish national flag. It also features a logo that resembles a stylized letter W with a cross on top.

www wpolityce pl publishes several articles every day, covering the latest developments and events in Polish politics. It often reports on the achievements and initiatives of the PiS government, such as the social welfare programs, the judicial reforms, the defense of national sovereignty, and the protection of Christian values. It also criticizes and challenges the opposition parties, such as Civic Platform (PO), The Left (Lewica), or Polish People’s Party (PSL), accusing them of being corrupt, incompetent, or unpatriotic. www wpolityce pl also comments on the international relations of Poland, especially with the European Union (EU), the United States (US), Russia, and Belarus.

The Audience and Influence of www wpolityce pl

www wpolityce pl is one of the most popular and influential news websites in Poland. According to SimilarWeb, it had over 17 million visits in August 2021, ranking it as the 13th most visited website in Poland and the 1st among news websites. www wpolityce pl also has a strong presence on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. www wpolityce pl often sets the agenda for public debate and shapes the opinions of its readers.

www wpolityce pl appeals to a large and loyal audience that shares its conservative and pro-government views on Polish politics. It also attracts readers who are interested in alternative perspectives that differ from the mainstream media. www wpolityce pl claims to be “the voice of the silent majority” and to “oppose the mainstream media that manipulate public opinion”. www wpolityce pl presents itself as a patriotic and independent media outlet that supports the PiS government and its reforms.

The Criticism and Controversy of www wpolityce pl

www wpolityce pl has also been criticized and controversial for its editorial stance and journalistic practices. It has been accused of being biased, sensationalist, propagandistic, and spreading fake news. Some of its critics include opposition politicians, journalists, activists, academics, and international organizations. For example:

  • In 2017, the European Commission launched an infringement procedure against Poland for violating the rule of law, partly based on the reports by www wpolityce pl that alleged corruption and irregularities in the judiciary.
  • In 2019, www wpolityce pl was sued by the former president Lech Wałęsa for defamation after it published an article that claimed he was a communist agent.
  • In 2020, www wpolityce pl was fined by the National Broadcasting Council for violating the principles of impartiality and accuracy in its coverage of the presidential election.


www wpolityce pl is a prominent news website that provides conservative and pro-government perspectives on various issues, especially Polish politics. It has a large and loyal audience that appreciates its information and values. It also has many detractors that question its credibility and ethics. www wpolityce pl is a significant player in the Polish media landscape that reflects and affects the political and social dynamics of the country.

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