The Curious Case of Arturo Moreno in The Terminal List: Tributes, Tangles, and Theories

The gripping Amazon Prime series “The Terminal List” captivated audiences with its action-packed story of vengeance and conspiracy. But amidst the explosive thrills and intricate plot twists, a seemingly innocuous credit in the finale piqued the curiosity of viewers: the name “Arturo Moreno.”

This brief mention sparked confusion and speculation. Who was this Arturo Moreno, and why was his name listed alongside Hollywood heavyweights like Chris Pratt and Antoine Fuqua? Was it the renowned owner of the Los Angeles Angels, or someone else entirely?

A Web of Theories

Theories abounded online. Some fans, initially excited about a potential connection to Major League Baseball, were disappointed to learn that the credited Moreno was not the billionaire owner. Others, delving deeper, discovered a different Arturo Moreno – a dedicated and talented Assistant Costume Designer who had worked on numerous productions, including “The Terminal List.”

This revelation ignited a wave of tributes and condolences. Moreno, sadly, passed away in 2022. His colleagues and friends in the industry took to social media to share heartfelt memories of his passion, skill, and infectious humor.

Beyond the Credits: A Life Remembered

But beyond the online discourse, it’s crucial to remember the human story behind the name. Arturo Moreno was not just a credit in a TV show; he was a valued member of the film and television community, a colleague, and a friend. His contributions, from meticulously crafting costumes to fostering a positive work environment, deserve recognition and appreciation.

The Terminal List’s Homage?

While the exact reason behind including Arturo Moreno’s name in the credits remains unconfirmed, some speculate it could be a touching tribute from the production team. Perhaps they wanted to honor his memory and dedication to the craft. Or maybe, as some fans suggest, it’s a subtle nod to the diverse and hardworking individuals who make television magic happen behind the scenes.

More Than Just a Name

The “Arturo Moreno” mystery, though seemingly trivial, highlights the power of storytelling and the impact individuals can have within a creative community. It reminds us that every name in the credits represents a person, a story, and a contribution to the final product we enjoy.


The story of Arturo Moreno in “The Terminal List” may be brief, but its implications resonate far beyond the screen. It’s a reminder to look beyond the celebrity names and appreciate the countless individuals who bring stories to life. It’s a call to celebrate the unsung heroes of the film and television industry, and to recognize the human connection woven into every frame we watch.


  • Was the Arturo Moreno in “The Terminal List” the owner of the Los Angeles Angels?

No, it was a different Arturo Moreno, an Assistant Costume Designer who worked on the show.

  • Why was Arturo Moreno’s name included in the credits?

The exact reason remains unconfirmed, but it could be a tribute to his memory or a general acknowledgment of the crew’s contributions.

  • What was Arturo Moreno known for in the industry?

He was respected for his talent, dedication, and positive attitude. He worked on various productions, including “9-1-1” and “Midnight, Texas.”

  • How can we learn more about Arturo Moreno?

You can find tributes and memories shared by his colleagues online, especially on social media platforms.

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