Games A Portal for News and Opinions from Poland and the World is a Polish online portal that offers news and opinions from Poland and the world. The portal was launched in 2009 by the Fratria Foundation, which is affiliated with the conservative political party Law and Justice (PiS). The portal covers topics such as politics, economy, culture, society, history, and religion. The portal also features a live TV channel,, which broadcasts programs and interviews on current affairs.

Content and Features

The portal’s main page displays the latest news from various categories, such as Poland, World, Economy, Culture, Sport, and Science. The portal also has sections for opinion articles, interviews, reports, blogs, podcasts, and videos. The portal’s content is updated regularly and often reflects the views and interests of the PiS party and its supporters.

Some of the features of the portal include:

  • A search engine that allows users to find articles and videos by keywords or phrases.
  • A comment system that enables users to express their opinions and interact with other users.
  • A newsletter service that sends users daily or weekly updates on the most important news and opinions.
  • A social media presence that allows users to follow the portal on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Telegram.
  • A mobile application that provides users with access to the portal’s content on their smartphones or tablets.

Reception and Criticism

The portal is one of the most popular and influential online media outlets in Poland. According to SimilarWeb, the portal had over 20 million visits in August 2021. The portal’s audience is mainly composed of people who support the PiS party and its policies. The portal’s content is often praised by PiS politicians and officials as well as by conservative and patriotic organizations and movements.

However, the portal also faces criticism and controversy from its opponents and competitors. The portal is accused of being biased, propagandistic, sensationalist, and unprofessional. The portal is also criticized for spreading misinformation, fake news, hate speech, and conspiracy theories. The portal has been involved in several lawsuits and disputes with other media outlets, politicians, public figures, and institutions over its content.

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Conclusion is a prominent online portal that provides news and opinions from Poland and the world from a conservative perspective. The portal has a large and loyal audience that shares its views and values. The portal also has a significant impact on the Polish political and social scene. However, the portal also faces challenges and criticisms from its adversaries and critics who question its credibility and ethics.

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