How to Counter Snipers in Call of Duty Mobile?

Tired of getting one shot by those pesky snipers? Learn how to counter snipers in Call of Duty Mobile with these tips and tricks!

We all know the feeling of cautiously navigating through the battlefield but suddenly being shot down by a sniper. You can really feel helpless especially if there’s nothing you can do but run and hide or spray bullets back in despair. That’s if you even have time to react.

Snipers can be deadly in Call of Duty Mobile. Their very long-range range and one-hit kill threats are lethal for a team especially if the sniper knows what he’s doing. 

Dying to snipers can be really frustrating. That’s why in this guide, we’ll teach you how to counter snipers in Call of Duty Mobile. So you can get rid of those pesky sharpshooters.

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Tip #1: Never Peek Against Snipers

This is the golden rule when playing against a sniper. Peeking against snipers is like offering yourself on a silver platter for a devastating shot. Peeking will put you in their line of sight and give them a clean shot.

Knowing the sniper’s position is not worth getting shot in the head. So be careful when going to open areas or corners where snipers might be waiting. This is why it’s vital to learn about common sniping areas on different maps.

To counter snipers, you need quick and precise movements that will make it challenging for them to aim and almost impossible to land a clean shot.

Tip #2: Proper Positioning

Instead of going directly into the sniper’s crosshair, position yourself in a way that the sniper can’t play their game. First, make sure you have a safe position with a non-wallbangable cover. Sniper bullets can go through wallbangable covers such as wooden walls and the white barracks. You are not safe behind such a thin defense.

Instead, minimize your exposure by not going in blindly. Force snipers to move towards the objective or question their position by not showing themselves. We know you’re dying to get your hands on them but the key here is patience. By forcing them out of position, you can corner them in tight spaces where snipers are at a huge disadvantage.

Tip #3: Flank Them

There will be times when you will face off against patient and smart snipers who hold their positions and play their roles effectively. Snipers’ strength comes in their ability to hold or guard long lanes and picking off enemies one at a time.

But, their biggest weakness is flanks and being outnumbered. Instead of chagrin head-on, navigate around the sniper and attack him from an unguarded angle. 

That’s why learning how to bait them and keep them occupied using your teammates or baiting them yourself so your team can flank is a crucial strategy in countering snipers in CODM.

Sorry Snipers

Now you know how to counter snipers in Call of Duty Mobile. Snipers are hard to deal with. But by utilizing these tips and putting them to action, you won’t be at the receiving end of the bullets anymore. 

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