News A Conservative News Portal in Poland is a Polish news portal that covers topics such as politics, economy, culture, history, and international affairs. It is affiliated with the weekly magazine wSieci and the television channel wPolsce. It is known for its conservative and pro-government stance, as well as its critical views of the opposition and the European Union.

History and Profile was launched in 2010 by Fratria, a media company owned by the journalist Jacek Karnowski and his brothers. The portal was initially a blog platform that hosted various conservative commentators and public figures. In 2012, it became a full-fledged news portal with its own editorial staff and reporters. It also started to cooperate with the weekly magazine wSieci, which was founded by Karnowski and other journalists who left the liberal daily Gazeta Wyborcza. is one of the most popular news portals in Poland, with over 10 million unique users per month. It is also one of the most influential media outlets in the country, especially among the supporters of the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party. The portal often features interviews with PiS politicians and experts, as well as exclusive reports and investigations that expose the alleged corruption and scandals of the opposition and the previous governments. has a clear conservative and patriotic orientation, which is reflected in its slogan: “Codziennie ważne informacje ze świata polityki” (“Every day important information from the world of politics”). The portal defends the values of the Catholic Church, the Polish family, the national sovereignty, and the historical memory. It also criticizes the policies of the European Union, especially on migration, climate change, and rule of law. It supports the reforms and initiatives of the PiS government, such as the judicial overhaul, the social welfare programs, and the anti-communist legislation.

Content and Sections provides information and commentary on various topics related to Poland and the world. The portal has several sections that cater to different interests and preferences of its readers. Some of the main sections are:

  • Polityka (Politics): This section covers current events, political developments, opinions, and analysis on domestic and foreign issues. It also features interviews with prominent figures from various fields and backgrounds.
  • Gospodarka (Economy): This section covers economic news, trends, data, forecasts, and opinions on various sectors and markets. It also features reports on business opportunities, innovations, investments, and entrepreneurship.
  • Kultura (Culture): This section covers cultural news, events, reviews, recommendations, and opinions on various forms of art and entertainment. It also features interviews with artists, writers, musicians, actors, directors, and critics.
  • Historia (History): This section covers historical news, facts, stories, analysis, and opinions on various periods and aspects of Polish and world history. It also features interviews with historians, researchers, experts, and witnesses.
  • Świat (World): This section covers international news, developments, analysis, and opinions on various regions and countries. It also features reports on global issues such as security, diplomacy, human rights, democracy, religion, and culture.

The portal also has other sections such as Sport (Sport), Zdrowie (Health), Nauka (Science), Technologie (Technology), Edukacja (Education), Podróże (Travel), Styl życia (Lifestyle), Motoryzacja (Automotive), Blogi (Blogs), Felietony (Columns), Sondaże (Polls), Telewizja wPolsce (Television wPolsce), Magazyn wSieci (Magazine wSieci), etc.

Conclusion is a conservative news portal that provides information and commentary from a pro-government and pro-Polish perspective. It is popular among PiS supporters and conservative voters but it is also controversial and criticized by its opponents and critics. It is part of the media landscape in Poland’s political scene.

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