Conquering Laundry Day with Persil Discs: Deep Clean for a Stralend Schone Was

Laundry day doesn’t have to be a chore. With Persil Discs, you can achieve a stralend schone sparkling clean wash with powerful cleaning and long-lasting freshness. These innovative laundry discs offer a convenient and effective way to keep your clothes looking their best.

The Power of Persil Discs

Persil Discs are pre-measured laundry detergent discs that dissolve completely in water. This eliminates the need for messy measuring and ensures you’re using the perfect amount of detergent for every load.

Deep Clean Technology for a Stralende Schone Was

Persil Discs pack a powerful punch when it comes to cleaning. Their deep clean technology tackles tough stains and dirt, leaving your clothes feeling hygienically clean and refreshed. Whether you’re dealing with everyday grime or stubborn stains, Persil Discs can handle it all.

Convenience at Your Fingertips

Persil Discs are all about convenience. They’re compact and lightweight, making them perfect for busy households or those with limited storage space. Plus, there’s no need for bulky detergent containers or messy spills.

Long-lasting Freshness that Keeps You Confident

Persil Discs not only clean your clothes thoroughly, but they also infuse them with a long-lasting fragrance that keeps them smelling fresh for days. No more worrying about your clothes developing an unpleasant odor – Persil Discs keep you feeling confident all day long.

Suitable for All Fabrics

Persil Discs are formulated to be gentle on all fabrics (always check the care label on your garments), making them a versatile choice for your entire laundry load. From delicate delicates to everyday essentials, Persil Discs will keep your clothes looking their best without causing any damage.


Persil Discs offer a revolutionary way to experience laundry. With their deep cleaning power, convenient format, and long-lasting freshness, they make laundry day a breeze. So ditch the messy measuring and embrace the ease and effectiveness of Persil Discs for a stralend schone was (sparkling clean wash) every time.


  • Q: Are Persil Discs suitable for HE washing machines?

A: Yes, Persil Discs are specifically designed for use in HE washing machines.

  • Q: How many discs do I need per load?

A: The number of discs you need will depend on the size and soil level of your laundry load. Typically, one disc is sufficient for a regular-sized load.

  • Q: Can I use Persil Discs for pre-treating stains?

A: Persil Discs are not designed for pre-treating stains. However, their deep clean technology is effective in removing many stains during the wash cycle.

  • Q: Where can I buy Persil Discs?

A: Persil Discs are available at most major grocery stores and online retailers.

  • Q: Are Persil Discs safe for sensitive skin?

A: While Persil Discs are formulated to be gentle on most fabrics, it’s always recommended to test a small area of the garment on an inconspicuous spot before washing a full load, especially for those with sensitive skin. You can also look for a fragrance-free version of Persil Discs if needed.

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