Polite Society End Credits: Heist Complete, But Is There More

Did you just race out of the theater after the wild climax of “Polite Society”? Hold on a minute! While the film delivers a satisfying conclusion, there might be a lingering question in your mind: are there end credits in “Polite Society”? Let’s break it down.

No Post-Credits Scene

Here’s the answer straight up: “Polite Society” does not have a post-credits scene. Once the final scene wraps up, the credits roll, and that’s it. You can feel free to head straight for the exit without missing any additional story beats.

A Wild Ride From Start to Finish

“Polite Society” throws viewers into a whirlwind of action, comedy, and family drama. We follow Ria Khan, a stuntwoman-in-training, determined to stop her sister Lena’s upcoming wedding. As Ria investigates the groom’s family and her suspicions grow, the film explodes into a hilarious heist with unexpected twists and turns.

The Focus is on the Khan Sisters

The film’s focus is firmly on the relationship between the Khan sisters and their fight for independence. The ending ties up the loose ends of their story, leaving little room for additional plot threads to be explored in a post-credits scene.

What the Credits Tell Us

While there’s no additional scene after the credits, the credits themselves are worth a watch. They offer a chance to appreciate the talented cast and crew who brought “Polite Society” to life. You might even discover a favorite actor you didn’t recognize before!

A Celebration of South Asian Talent

“Polite Society” is a landmark film, showcasing the talents of South Asian actors, writers, and directors. The credits are a testament to the growing diversity in Hollywood and a reason to celebrate this groundbreaking film.


“Polite Society” delivers a complete and satisfying story without the need for a post-credits scene. But don’t rush out the door just yet! Take a moment to appreciate the credits and celebrate this exciting new chapter in South Asian cinema. The future holds promise for more stories featuring the Khan sisters, but for now, enjoy the wild ride that is “Polite Society.”


  • Is there a mid-credits scene?

No, there are no mid-credits or post-credits scenes in “Polite Society.”

  • Will there be a sequel?

There’s no official confirmation of a sequel at this point. However, the film’s success could pave the way for a follow-up exploring the future adventures of the Khan sisters.

  • Where can I find the soundtrack?

Keep an eye out on music streaming platforms and online retailers. With the film’s growing popularity, the soundtrack is likely to be released soon.

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