Political Calls: Those Rings During Election Season 

Political calls are a common occurrence, especially during election cycles. But what exactly are they, and who might be calling you? This post dives into the world of political calls, explaining their purposes, your rights, and how to navigate them effectively.

Who Makes Political Calls?

Candidates and Campaigns: Reaching out to voters directly to introduce themselves, share their platform, or mobilize support.

Political Parties: Promoting party ideals, encouraging voter registration for their base, or getting out the vote efforts.

Interest Groups: Advocating for specific policies or legislation, or urging support/opposition for certain candidates.

Pre-Recorded vs. Live Calls

Pre-Recorded Calls (Robocalls): Often used for broad outreach, delivering a scripted message.

Live Calls: Allow for a more personalized interaction, with callers answering questions and gauging voter sentiment.

What are Political Calls Used For?

Voter Mobilization: Encouraging people to register and cast their ballots.

Fundraising: Soliciting financial support for campaigns or causes.

Information Sharing: Disseminating a candidate’s platform or a party’s stance on issues.

Opinion Polling: Gauging voter sentiment on specific topics or candidates.

Your Rights Regarding Political Calls

Listen Politely and Ask Questions: It’s okay to inquire about the caller’s affiliation and purpose.

Request to be Removed from the List: Politely ask to be taken off their call list.

Hang Up if Uncomfortable: You are not obligated to continue a call that makes you feel pressured.

How to Spot a Scam Call

While most political calls are legitimate, be wary of:

High-Pressure Tactics: Calls demanding immediate action or financial contributions are red flags.

Suspicious Caller ID: Unfamiliar numbers or those masking their origin are cause for caution.

Threats or Misinformation: Be wary of calls spreading negativity or false information.


Political calls are a way for campaigns and organizations to connect with voters. By understanding your options and being aware of potential scams, you can navigate these calls effectively and stay informed during election season.


  • Can I block political calls?

You can block specific numbers, but blocking entire categories might be difficult.

  • How do I report a suspicious political call?

You can report them to the Federal Trade Commission (

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