Romantic Shuffle of Nguyen Duy Tri’s Acid Madness 2023

In 2023, Vietnamese artist Nguyen Duy Tri unveiled his magnum opus, “Acid Madness,” a captivating series that took the art world by storm. Within this vibrant collection lies “Romantic Shuffle,” a series of interconnected artworks that explores the complexities of love and self-discovery with a unique visual language.

1. A Symphony of Colors and Emotions

The defining characteristic of “Romantic Shuffle” is its intoxicating blend of colors. Tri utilizes a vibrant palette, employing techniques like oil and acrylic painting alongside digital art. These bold hues are more than just aesthetics; they represent the rawness and intensity of emotions associated with love, mirroring the roller coaster of feelings we experience in relationships.

2. Fragmentation and Narrative

Each artwork in the “Romantic Shuffle” series acts like a fragment of a larger story. While viewers aren’t presented with a linear narrative, the interconnectedness of the pieces invites individual interpretation. This allows viewers to weave their own stories, drawing upon their personal experiences and understanding of love’s complexities.

3. Symbolism and Hidden Meanings

Tri’s use of symbolism adds another layer of depth to “Romantic Shuffle.” Recurring motifs like intertwined figures, fragmented shapes, and recurring colors become a language in themselves, suggesting themes of vulnerability, connection, and the struggle for self-discovery within the context of love.

4. Blurring the Lines of Reality

The abstract nature of the artworks in “Romantic Shuffle” blurs the lines between reality and the artist’s inner world. This allows viewers to connect with the emotions and experiences depicted on a deeper, more personal level. We are not just looking at a painting; we are invited to step into the artist’s emotional landscape and explore our own journeys of love.

5. A Celebration of the Messy Beauty of Love

“Romantic Shuffle” doesn’t shy away from depicting the messy realities of love. The artworks capture not just the joy and passion, but also the vulnerability, confusion, and even moments of conflict that arise in relationships. This honest portrayal celebrates the multifaceted nature of love and its power to shape who we are.

6. Engaging with the Viewer

Tri’s “Romantic Shuffle” invites active engagement from the viewer. The open-ended nature of the narrative and the use of symbolism encourage us to interpret the artworks through our own lenses, finding meaning and connections that resonate with our personal experiences.


Nguyen Duy Tri’s “Romantic Shuffle” within “Acid Madness” stands as a captivating visual exploration of love. Through a vibrant symphony of colors, fragmented narratives, and symbolic motifs, Tri invites viewers to delve into the complexities of love, embracing its messy beauty and finding personal meaning within his artistic vision.


  • Q: What is the medium of “Romantic Shuffle”?

A: “Romantic Shuffle” utilizes a combination of traditional oil and acrylic painting alongside digital art techniques.

  • Q: Where can I see the “Romantic Shuffle” series in person?

A: The specific location of the artworks depends on the exhibition they are currently featured in. It is recommended to visit Nguyen Duy Tri’s website or social media for information on upcoming exhibitions.

  • Q: Does Nguyen Duy Tri have other artwork series?

A: Yes, Nguyen Duy Tri has created several other art series. You can explore his website or social media for more information on his artistic journey.

  • Q: Are there any online resources where I can learn more about “Acid Madness”?

A: While some galleries or museums hosting the exhibition might have online information about “Acid Madness,” it’s best to consult Nguyen Duy Tri’s website or social media for official information and insights directly from the artist.

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