Road to Mobility: Your Guide to Sarathi Parivahan

Hitting the open road in India, with its vibrant landscapes and bustling cities, requires a crucial companion – Sarathi Parivahan. This initiative by the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MoRTH) acts as a one-stop portal for all your vehicle registration and driving license needs. Gone are the days of navigating labyrinthine paperwork and endless queues; Sarathi Parivahan offers a digital highway to simplify your driving experience.

The Pillars of Sarathi Parivahan

Vahan and Sarathi, the Dynamic Duo: Vahan manages vehicle registration, from temporary permits to permanent certificates. Sarathi oversees driving licenses, from learner’s permits to smartcard licenses. Both platforms use a centralized database, ensuring seamless interconnectivity across states.

Online Portal – Your Digital RTO: Skip the physical RTO visits! Sarathi Parivahan’s web portal streamlines applications, fee payments, and status tracking. Apply for licenses, renew registrations, or check challans, all from the comfort of your device.

Unified Standards – Consistency Across the Nation: No more confusion about varying state rules. Sarathi Parivahan establishes uniform procedures and fees, making the process smooth and predictable, regardless of your location.

Enhanced Transparency and Accountability: Track your application status in real-time, access your driving record, and receive updates on vehicle fitness tests. This transparency fosters trust and eliminates uncertainty throughout the process.

Empowering Services – Beyond the Basics: Sarathi Parivahan extends its reach to cater to diverse needs. Book fancy vehicle numbers, apply for international driving permits, or even report stolen vehicles, all within the platform’s comprehensive ecosystem.

Fueling Your Journey with Key Features

Driving License Services: Apply for new licenses, renewals, duplicate licenses, and endorsements through simple online forms.

Vehicle Registration Services: Secure temporary or permanent registrations, transfer ownership, update addresses, and manage permits, all at your fingertips.

Information Services: Access your driving license and vehicle details, verify documents, and even calculate fees, ensuring accuracy and informed decision-making.

Payment Gateway: Integrate seamlessly with secure payment gateways for hassle-free fee payments for licenses, registrations, and other services.

Status Tracking: Monitor the progress of your applications in real-time, staying informed every step of the way.


Sarathi Parivahan paves the way for a smoother, more transparent, and citizen-centric driving experience in India. By embracing its digital tools and understanding its functionalities, you can navigate the road to vehicle ownership and licensure with greater ease and confidence. Remember, a little knowledge goes a long way – buckle up, explore the platform, and let Sarathi Parivahan guide you toward a fulfilling journey on the Indian roads.


  • Is Sarathi Parivahan available in all states?

Yes, the platform encompasses all Indian states and union territories, ensuring nationwide accessibility.

  • Do I need to visit the RTO for any Sarathi Parivahan service?

Most services can be completed entirely online. However, specific situations may require an RTO visit, such as biometric verification or physical document submission.

  • What documents do I need for online applications?

Required documents vary depending on the service. The portal clearly lists the documentation needed for each service, minimizing delays.

  • How can I track the status of my application?

Your application status is readily available on the portal. Simply log in and access your application details for real-time updates.

  • I need help using the Sarathi Parivahan portal. What resources are available?

The platform offers comprehensive user guides, FAQs, and even video tutorials to assist you at every step. Additionally, you can contact the concerned RTO or reach out to the Sarathi Parivahan helpline for personalized assistance.

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