Troi Nguoc: A Song of Rain and Memories from Nguyen Si Kha’s 2023 Masterpiece

The gentle tap of raindrops, the melancholic melody of a piano, and a voice that whispers stories of love and longing – these are the elements that transport listeners to the world of “Troi Nguoc,” a captivating song from Nguyen Si Kha’s 2023 album, “Rainy Day Memories.”

1. The Artist: Nguyen Si Kha and His Poetic Touch

Nguyen Si Kha is a Vietnamese musician known for his ability to weave evocative narratives through his music. His lyrics, often compared to poetry, paint vivid pictures and evoke deep emotions, especially when paired with his melancholic melodies. “Rainy Day Memories” is no exception, showcasing his talent at its peak.

2. Troi Nguoc: A Journey Through Rain-Soaked Emotions

The title, “Troi Nguoc,” translates roughly to “Contrary Weather.” This sets the stage for a song that explores the complexities of emotions, particularly in the context of love and loss. The lyrics speak of a love that feels like rain – unpredictable, sometimes comforting, yet often leaving a sense of longing.

3. The Power of Imagery: Rain as a Metaphor

The album’s title, “Rainy Day Memories,” hints at the recurring theme of rain throughout the collection. In “Troi Nguoc,” Kha uses rain as a powerful metaphor. Just like raindrops pitter-patter on rooftops, memories resurface, bringing a mix of joy and sorrow. The song captures the essence of nostalgia, where the past washes over the present, leaving a bittersweet feeling.

4. Musical Magic: Piano and Voice in Harmony

The music of “Troi Nguoc” is as poignant as the lyrics. The gentle piano melody serves as a backdrop, mimicking the rhythm of the falling rain. Kha’s voice, with its melancholic yet soothing quality, perfectly complements the music, creating a sense of intimacy and vulnerability.

5. A Universal Connection: Rain and Memories Across Cultures

While the song is sung in Vietnamese, its themes resonate with audiences beyond language barriers. Rain is a universal experience, and the emotions of love, loss, and nostalgia are shared by people across cultures. This makes “Troi Nguoc” a song that transcends borders and connects hearts.

6. More Than Just a Song: A Gateway to Kha’s Artistic World

“Troi Nguoc” is a captivating glimpse into the artistry of Nguyen Si Kha. It invites listeners to explore his entire “Rainy Day Memories” album, where they can discover a treasure trove of emotions and stories painted through music.


“Troi Nguoc” leaves a lasting impression on the listener, like the echo of raindrops on a windowpane after the storm has passed. The song’s melancholic beauty and evocative imagery stay with you long after the music fades, prompting reflection and inviting further exploration.


  • Q: Where can I listen to “Troi Nguoc” and the “Rainy Day Memories” album?

A: The song and album are available on various streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music.

  • Q: Are there any music videos for “Troi Nguoc” or other songs from the album?

A: Yes, there is a music video for “Troi Nguoc” on YouTube. You can also find music videos for other songs on the album on Nguyen Si Kha’s official YouTube channel.

  • Q: What are some other songs by Nguyen Si Kha that I might enjoy?

A: If you liked “Troi Nguoc,” you might enjoy other songs from “Rainy Day Memories” like “Mua Trong Tim” (Rain in the Heart) and “Xa Hoi” (Society). You can also explore his earlier albums like “Chieu Than” (Twilight) and “Duong Xa Về” (The Road Home) to discover his diverse musical style.

  • Q: Does Nguyen Si Kha perform live?

A: Yes, Nguyen Si Kha occasionally performs live shows and concerts. You can check his social media pages or official website for upcoming tour dates and event information.

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