How wPolityce Uses Facebook to Reach Its Audience

wPolityce is a conservative news portal in Poland that covers topics such as politics, economy, culture, history, and international affairs. It is affiliated with the weekly magazine wSieci and the television channel wPolsce. It is known for its pro-government and pro-Polish stance, as well as its criticism of the opposition and the European Union.

One of the ways that wPolityce communicates with its readers and followers is through Facebook, the most popular social media platform in Poland. wPolityce has an official Facebook page that has over 105,000 likes and over 2,600 posts. The page is updated daily with news articles, videos, photos, polls, quizzes, and live streams from the portal and its affiliates. The page also engages with its audience by asking questions, soliciting feedback, and responding to comments.

The Benefits of Facebook for wPolityce

Facebook offers several benefits for wPolityce as a media outlet. Some of the benefits are:

  • Facebook allows wPolityce to reach a large and diverse audience that may not visit its website regularly. According to a 2020 report by Gemius, Facebook has over 16 million users in Poland, which accounts for about 42% of the population. Facebook also has users from different age groups, genders, locations, and interests.
  • Facebook allows wPolityce to increase its visibility and traffic by sharing its content on other pages and groups that are related to its topics and values. For example, wPolityce often shares its posts on pages such as PiS – Prawo i Sprawiedliwość (PiS – Law and Justice), Polska Niepodległa (Independent Poland), Nie dla Islamizacji Europy (No to Islamization of Europe), etc.
  • Facebook allows wPolityce to interact with its audience and build loyalty and trust. By posting engaging content and responding to comments, wPolityce can create a sense of community and dialogue among its followers. It can also receive feedback and suggestions from its audience and improve its services and products.
  • Facebook allows wPolityce to monitor and analyze its performance and impact by using various tools and metrics. For example, wPolityce can use Facebook Insights to track the number of likes, comments, shares, views, reach, impressions, clicks, etc. of its posts. It can also use Facebook Audience Network to monetize its content and generate revenue.

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The Challenges of Facebook for wPolityce

Facebook also poses some challenges for wPolityce as a media outlet. Some of the challenges are:

  • Facebook requires wPolityce to follow its community standards and policies that may not align with its editorial line and opinions. For example, wPolityce may face restrictions or penalties for posting content that Facebook deems as hate speech, misinformation, fake news, spam, etc.
  • Facebook competes with wPolityce for attention and resources by offering its own news products and services. For example, Facebook has launched Facebook News in some countries, which is a dedicated tab that features curated news stories from various sources. Facebook also has features such as Instant Articles, Watch Party, Live Video, etc. that may attract users away from wPolityce’s website.
  • Facebook changes its algorithm and rules frequently and unpredictably that may affect wPolityce’s reach and engagement. For example, in 2018, Facebook announced that it would prioritize posts from friends and family over posts from pages and publishers. This may result in lower organic reach and traffic for wPolityce’s posts.


wPolityce is a conservative news portal that uses Facebook as one of its main channels to communicate with its audience. Facebook offers several benefits for wPolityce such as reaching a large and diverse audience, increasing its visibility and traffic, interacting with its audience, and monitoring and analyzing its performance. However, Facebook also poses some challenges for wPolityce such as following its community standards and policies, competing with its own news products and services, and adapting to its algorithm and rules changes.

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