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vabbing at the gym

The scent of success at the gym usually involves a blend of iron, rubber, and a hint of achievement. But lately, a new fragrance has entered the air – and it’s not from a fancy fitness perfume. The trend sweeping TikTok and beyond is gabbing: dabbing vaginal fluid as a perfume to attract potential partners. This unconventional practice promises pheromone power and amorous encounters, leaving many wondering – does dabbing work at the gym, and is it just a gym sock’s throw away from weird or wonderful?

What is Vabbing?

Vabbing, coined by TikTok user @jewlieah, is the act of applying vaginal fluid to pulse points like wrists and necks, essentially as a self-made “pheromone perfume.” Proponents believe it enhances natural attractiveness by releasing pheromones, hypothetical chemical signals influencing others’ subconscious attraction. While the science behind pheromones in humans is still foggy, vabbing taps into our evolutionary biology, where scent played a crucial role in mate selection.

Vabbing at the Gym – Why There?

The gym, a melting pot of sculpted bodies and pumping adrenaline, seems like an unconventional love nest. Yet, there’s a certain logic to vabbing in this environment. Gyms offer proximity to potential partners, often in workout attire that accentuates physical attributes. Moreover, the increased heart rate and physical exertion during exercise can elevate natural attractiveness through flushed skin and pheromone production. So, vabbing takes this natural response a step further, hoping to amplify its alluring effect.

Does Vabbing Actually Attract Someone?

The short answer is, no scientific evidence definitively proves vabbing’s effectiveness in attracting partners. Pheromone research in humans is complex and inconclusive, and individual attraction involves myriad factors beyond scent. However, anecdotes abound on TikTok and online forums, with some vabbers claiming success stories and newfound attention. While the effectiveness may be subjective and influenced by placebo effects, the confidence boost gained from embracing bodily secretions can certainly enhance one’s aura.

 The Hygiene Factor – Concerns and Precautions

Vabbing naturally raises concerns about hygiene and potential health risks. While vaginal fluid is typically harmless, transferring bodily fluids carries the risk of spreading bacterial infections or yeast overgrowth, especially in a communal environment like the gym. To minimize risks, proper hygiene before and after vabbing is crucial, including washing hands and avoiding applying fluid to broken skin or mucous membranes. Additionally, avoiding vabbing if experiencing vaginal infections or imbalances is essential.

Ethics and Consent – The Grey Area of Vabbing

While vabbing is primarily self-directed, the potential influence on others raises ethical questions. If someone unknowingly encounters a vabbed individual, their personal space and olfactory experience are involuntarily influenced. While vabbing is not explicitly harmful, it’s important to consider consent and respect for others’ boundaries. Open communication and being mindful of personal space are essential when engaging in any act that might impact others directly.

Beyond the Gym – Vabbing’s Broader Implications

Vabbing is not just about gym flirtations; it taps into a larger conversation about bodily autonomy and embracing natural female functions. By normalizing vaginal fluid instead of shying away from it, vabbing challenges taboos and empowers women to own their bodies. This reclaiming of bodily experiences opens doors to healthier attitudes towards menstruation, childbirth, and overall self-acceptance.

Alternatives to Vabbing – Building Confidence Naturally

While vabbing might pique curiosity, it’s not the only path to gym confidence and potential connections. Focusing on fitness goals, engaging in conversation with like-minded individuals, and radiating self-assuredness through positive body language can be effective ways to attract attention and build genuine connections. Ultimately, confidence and self-respect are the most potent pheromones one can exude.


Vabbing at the gym might be a quirky new trend, but it sparks important conversations about attraction, hygiene, and bodily autonomy. Whether it’s a pheromone power-up or a confidence booster, vabbing empowers women to own their natural functions. However, staying informed about hygiene risks, respecting personal space, and exploring alternative confidence-building avenues are crucial aspects to consider. Ultimately, the choice to vab or not vab lies with each individual, as long as it’s done safely and with self-awareness. Remember, the true scent of success often lies in self-assuredness, genuine connections, and the confidence to be your authentic self, sweat and all.


  • Is vabbing ethical?

The ethics of vabbing are a bit of a gray area. On the one hand, it’s your own body and you should be free to do what you want with it. On the other hand, vabbing could be seen as a form of manipulation, as it’s not always possible to tell if someone is vabbing or not. Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to vab is up to you, but it’s important to be aware of the potential ethical implications.

  • What is the science behind pheromones?

The science of pheromones in humans is still relatively new and not fully understood. However, there is some evidence to suggest that pheromones may play a role in attraction. For example, one study found that women who were ovulating were more likely to be rated as attractive by men when they were exposed to the scent of a man’s testosterone. More research is needed to determine the extent to which pheromones influence human attraction.

  • Is vabbing just a fad?

It’s too early to say whether vabbing is just a fad or here to stay. However, it’s clear that the trend has sparked a conversation about female bodily autonomy and the power of scent. Whether or not you choose to vab, it’s important to be respectful of yourself and others.

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