Life Style A Conservative News Portal from Poland is a Polish news portal that covers topics such as politics, economy, culture, society, and world affairs. It was launched in 2009 by the Fratria publishing house, which also owns the weekly magazine “wSieci” and the television channel “wPolsce”. The portal is known for its conservative and patriotic editorial stance, as well as its support for the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party.

Content and Features offers a variety of content and features for its readers, such as:

  • News articles that provide factual information and analysis on current events in Poland and abroad. The articles are divided into sections such as Kraj (Country), Świat (World), Opinie (Opinions), Wybory (Elections), Campus Polska (Campus Poland), and more.
  • Videos that include interviews, debates, documentaries, and live broadcasts from the television channel “wPolsce”. The videos are available on the portal’s website and YouTube channel.
  • Podcasts that feature discussions and commentary on various topics by the portal’s journalists and experts. The podcasts are accessible on the portal’s website and Spotify.
  • Blogs that showcase the personal views and insights of the portal’s columnists and contributors. The blogs cover topics such as history, culture, religion, sport, health, and lifestyle.
  • Sondy (Polls) that allow the readers to express their opinions on various issues and questions. The polls are conducted online and the results are displayed on the portal’s website.
  • Newsletter that delivers the latest news and updates from the portal to the subscribers’ email inbox. The newsletter is sent daily or weekly depending on the preference of the subscribers.

Reception and Impact is one of the most popular and influential news portals in Poland. According to SimilarWeb, it had over 16 million visits in August 2021, ranking it as the 12th most visited website in Poland. According to Gemius/PBI, it had over 6 million real users in July 2021, ranking it as the 7th most visited news website in Poland is also known for its impact on public opinion and political discourse in Poland. It often exposes scandals and controversies involving the opposition parties and the European Union. It also promotes conservative values and national interests. It has been praised by its supporters for its professionalism, credibility, and patriotism. It has been criticized by its detractors for its bias, sensationalism, and propaganda.

Conclusion is a conservative news portal that provides comprehensive information and analysis on various topics related to Poland and the world. It has a large and loyal audience that appreciates its perspective and style. It has a significant role in shaping the Polish media landscape and political scene. It is a portal that reflects the views and aspirations of many Poles who value their sovereignty, identity, and culture.

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