News A Source of Conservative News from Poland and the World is a Polish conservative news website and magazine that covers politics, economy, culture, history and international affairs. It was founded in 2009 by the journalist Tomasz Sakiewicz and the politician Jarosław Kaczyński, the leader of the ruling Law and Justice party. also has a Twitter account (@wPolityce_pl) that has over 300,000 followers and posts daily updates, opinions, interviews and videos.

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The Content of’s News’s news reflect its editorial stance, which is supportive of the Law and Justice government and critical of the opposition, the European Union, the mainstream media and the liberal agenda. Some of the topics that frequently reports on are:

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  • The achievements and challenges of the Law and Justice administration, such as the social welfare programs, the judicial reforms, the defense of national sovereignty and the response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The controversies and scandals involving the opposition parties, such as the Civic Platform, the Left and the Polish People’s Party, as well as their leaders, such as Donald Tusk, Radek Sikorski and Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz.
  • The criticism of the European Union’s policies and institutions, such as the rule of law mechanism, the migration crisis, the climate change agenda and the European Commission.
  • The exposure of the bias and manipulation of the mainstream media, such as TVN, Gazeta Wyborcza, Onet and Newsweek, as well as their foreign owners and sponsors.
  • The defense of the traditional values and identity of Poland, such as the Catholic faith, the family, the history and the culture, against the threats of secularism, liberalism, multiculturalism and LGBT ideology.

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The Reception of’s News’s news often spark lively debates and reactions among its readers and other internet users. Some of them praise for its courage, professionalism and patriotism, while others criticize it for its propaganda, sensationalism and nationalism.’s news also attract attention from other media outlets, politicians, experts and celebrities, who sometimes comment on or quote them.’s news have also been involved in some controversies and conflicts. For example:

  • In 2020, was accused of spreading fake news and hate speech by Twitter, which labeled some of its tweets as “manipulated media” or “disputed information”. denounced this as an act of censorship and discrimination against conservative media.
  • In 2021, was sued by Donald Tusk, the former prime minister of Poland and the president of the European People’s Party, for defamation. had reported that Tusk was responsible for sabotaging and undermining the late president Lech Kaczyński’s efforts to stop Russia’s aggression in 2008. claimed that it had documents to prove its allegations.
  • In 2022, was attacked by hackers who tried to take over its website and Twitter account. blamed this on foreign agents who wanted to silence its voice and influence the public opinion in Poland.

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Conclusion is one of the most popular and influential conservative media outlets in Poland. It uses its website and Twitter account as platforms to inform, persuade and mobilize its audience on various political and social issues.’s news are often controversial and provocative, but also informative and insightful. They reflect’s vision of Poland as a sovereign, democratic and Christian nation that stands up for its interests and values in Europe and in the world.

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