News – wiadomości z Polski i ze świata is a Polish news website that covers topics from Poland and the world. It is affiliated with the conservative weekly magazine “wSieci” and the television channel “wPolsce”. The website offers various sections, such as politics, economy, culture, history, sport, and opinion.


The website reports on the current political situation in Poland and abroad. It focuses on the activities of the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party and its allies, as well as the opposition parties and movements. Some of the recent headlines are:

  • Sejm appointed 9 members of the commission to investigate Russian influences! The opposition did not nominate anyone
  • Kukiz: Our demands were accepted by PiS. Place on the list? I never demanded a specific one
  • Reset 2.0? Wołoszański at Campus Polska on Russia: There should be a simple rule – do no harm, do not do …


The website also covers international news and events, especially those related to Poland’s allies and adversaries. It pays attention to the security, economic, and cultural aspects of global affairs. Some of the recent headlines are:

  • US expert: Purchase of Apache helicopters? Poland may soon have the strongest army in NATO after the United States
  • China’s planes and drones violated Taiwan’s air defense zone! Identified among others … APACHE HELICOPTERS
  • Biden on Prigozhin’s death: “It doesn’t surprise me. We are trying to find out exactly.” He also said some interesting words about Trump

Conclusion is a source of information for those who are interested in Polish and world news from a conservative perspective. It offers a variety of content, such as articles, videos, interviews, and opinions. However, it may also have a certain bias and agenda that should be taken into account by the readers.

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