Paweł Kukiz: A Controversial and Unconventional Politician

Paweł Kukiz is a Polish politician, musician, and leader of the Kukiz’15 movement. He is known for his outspoken and often provocative statements on various issues, such as the judiciary, the media, and the political system. He has also been involved in several controversies and conflicts with other politicians and journalists. In this article, we will look at some of the recent events that have put Kukiz in the spotlight of the Polish public opinion.

Kukiz’s Alliance with PiS

One of the most surprising and controversial decisions made by Kukiz was to join forces with the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party in the 2023 parliamentary elections. Kukiz agreed to run as a PiS candidate in the Opole constituency, despite his previous criticism of the government and its policies. He justified his move by saying that he wanted to “serve the society” and that he shared some common goals with PiS, such as introducing single-member constituencies and reforming the judiciary.

However, his decision was met with harsh criticism from his former allies and opponents alike. Some accused him of “selling out” and betraying his voters, while others questioned his credibility and consistency. For instance, Witold Zembaczyński, a MP from the Civic Coalition (KO), demanded that Kukiz return 4.3 million zlotys that he received from the state budget for his foundation “Potrafisz Polsko”, which aims to support civic initiatives. Zembaczyński also called on Kukiz to resign from his first place on the PiS list in Opole.

Kukiz responded by calling Zembaczyński a “liar” and a “provocateur” and said that he would sue him for defamation. He also defended his foundation and said that it was transparent and accountable. He claimed that he did not “sell out” to PiS, but rather made a “tactical alliance” to achieve some of his political objectives.

Kukiz’s Attack on a Journalist

Another incident that sparked controversy and outrage was Kukiz’s verbal attack on a journalist during a radio interview in June 2022. Kukiz was asked about his cooperation with PiS and whether he had any financial benefits from it. He reacted angrily and accused some journalists of being “idiots” and “bandits” who slandered him. He also singled out one female journalist, whom he called a “practicing alcoholic” who had a partner who was a politician.

The journalist in question was Anna Dryjańska, who works for Gazeta Wyborcza, a liberal daily newspaper that is often critical of PiS and Kukiz. She denied Kukiz’s accusations and said that she was not an alcoholic, nor did she have a partner who was a politician. She also said that she felt offended and threatened by Kukiz’s words and that she would take legal action against him.

Kukiz did not apologize for his remarks and said that he was stating facts. He also said that he did not gossip or slander anyone, but rather defended himself from false accusations.


Paweł Kukiz is a politician who does not shy away from expressing his opinions and emotions, even if they are controversial or offensive. He has gained popularity among some voters who appreciate his anti-establishment stance and his directness. However, he has also alienated many others who see him as inconsistent, unreliable, or aggressive. His alliance with PiS and his attack on a journalist are examples of how he can stir up controversy and polarize public opinion. Whether this will help or hurt his political career remains to be seen.

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