Subotnik Ziemkiewicza: A Weekly Column of Political Commentary

What is Subotnik Ziemkiewicza?

Subotnik Ziemkiewicza is a weekly column of political commentary written by Rafał A. Ziemkiewicz, a Polish writer and journalist. The column is published every Saturday on the website of the conservative magazine “wPolityce” . The name of the column is a pun on the word “subotnik”, which means a voluntary work day in Polish, and the surname of the author.

What are the main topics of Subotnik Ziemkiewicza?

Subotnik Ziemkiewicza covers various topics related to Polish and international politics, culture, and society. The author often criticizes the liberal and left-wing parties and media in Poland, as well as the European Union, NATO, and the United States. He also defends the conservative and nationalist values and policies of the ruling Law and Justice party (PiS) and its allies. Some of the recurring themes of his column are:

  • The threat of Islamization and migration to Europe and Poland
  • The corruption and incompetence of the previous governments led by the Civic Platform (PO) party
  • The bias and manipulation of the mainstream media and the public television (TVP)
  • The defense of the Polish sovereignty and identity against the foreign interference and pressure
  • The support for the judicial reforms and the constitutional tribunal initiated by PiS
  • The criticism of the opposition protests and movements, such as the Committee for the Defense of Democracy (KOD) or the Women’s Strike
  • The praise for the economic and social achievements of PiS, such as the 500+ program or the lowering of the retirement age


Subotnik Ziemkiewicza is a popular and influential column that reflects the views and opinions of Rafał A. Ziemkiewicz, one of the most prominent conservative commentators in Poland. His column offers a sharp and provocative analysis of current political issues from a nationalist and anti-liberal perspective. His column is also a source of controversy and criticism from his opponents, who accuse him of spreading fake news, hate speech, and conspiracy theories.

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