The State of Society in Poland According to is a conservative online news portal that covers various topics related to politics, economy, culture, and society in Poland and abroad. The portal is known for its pro-government and anti-opposition stance, as well as its criticism of the European Union, the LGBT movement, and the liberal media. In this article, we will examine some of the recent articles published in the society section of and analyze their main themes and messages.

The Referendum on Immigration, Border Wall, National Assets, and Retirement Age

One of the recurring topics in the society section of is the upcoming referendum that will be held on October 15, 2023, along with the parliamentary elections. The referendum will ask the voters four questions:

  • Do you agree that Poland should not accept immigrants from outside Europe?
  • Do you agree that Poland should build a wall on its eastern border to protect itself from illegal immigration?
  • Do you agree that Poland should not sell its strategic national assets to foreign entities?
  • Do you agree that the retirement age should be lowered to 60 for women and 65 for men?

The portal strongly supports the referendum and urges its readers to participate and vote “yes” on all four questions. It argues that the referendum is a democratic way of expressing the will of the people and defending the sovereignty and security of Poland. It also accuses the opposition parties, especially the Civic Coalition (KO), of boycotting the referendum and trying to undermine its legitimacy. It claims that KO is afraid of losing the elections and does not respect the voice of the citizens.

The Threats from Russia and China

Another prominent theme in the society section of is the growing danger posed by Russia and China to Poland and its allies. The portal reports on various incidents and developments that indicate the aggressive intentions and actions of these two countries, such as:

  • The drone attack on two Russian military bases in Pskov and Bryansk, which damaged at least four aircraft and caused several explosions. The portal suggests that this was a provocation by Russia to justify its intervention in Ukraine.
  • The violation of Taiwan’s air defense zone by Chinese planes and drones, which were identified as bombers, fighters, and reconnaissance aircraft. The portal warns that China is preparing for a possible invasion of Taiwan and that Poland should support its democratic ally.
  • The purchase of Apache helicopters by Poland from the United States, which was praised by an American expert as a smart move to enhance Poland’s defense capabilities. The portal argues that Poland needs modern equipment to face the threats from Russia and China.

The Criticism of Donald Tusk and His Allies

A third major topic in the society section of is the criticism of Donald Tusk, the former prime minister of Poland and the current leader of KO. The portal portrays Tusk as a dishonest and incompetent politician who betrayed Poland’s interests during his tenure and who now wants to regain power by any means. It also attacks his allies, such as Roman Giertych, Barbara Nowacka, or Rafał Trzaskowski, for being corrupt, radical, or hypocritical. Some of the examples of such criticism are:

  • The praise of Tusk by two feminist activists, Henryka Bochniarz and Magdalena Środa, who expressed their admiration for his charisma and leadership. The portal mocks them for being blinded by their ideology and for using Tusk instrumentally to advance their agenda.
  • The investigation of Giertych by the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau (CBA) for his involvement in a money laundering scheme. The portal accuses Giertych of being a criminal lawyer who defended many notorious clients and who now tries to play the victim.
  • The confusion of Kołodziejczak, a KO candidate for parliament, who could not answer clearly whether he supports abortion or civil partnerships. The portal ridicules him for being indecisive and inconsistent.


In conclusion, is a conservative news portal that reflects the views and values of the ruling party in Poland, Law and Justice (PiS). It covers various topics related to society in Poland and abroad, but with a strong bias and agenda. It supports the government’s policies and initiatives, such as the referendum or the military purchases. It warns against the threats from Russia and China, which it considers as enemies of Poland. And it criticizes Donald Tusk and his allies, who it regards as traitors and rivals.

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